AU introduces its portfolio of programs to empower educators

Arizona: In its commitment to providing accessible, quality education to a multicultural, global learning community through online/distance learning, Acacia University is thrilled to launch its portfolio of academic programs to empower educators globally. With five master’s and one doctoral program, these programs provide educators with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their fields and impact student achievement.

“We are excited to expand our academic programs and offer our learners broader opportunities to hone their skills,” said Dr. Maurey Bond, Vice President – Growth, Acacia University. “We aim to provide our students with a top-notch, affordable, and quality education that will help them increase the marketability of their positions. The launch of these programs strengthens Acacia University’s commitment to preparing students for 21st-century educational careers and further reinforces our position as a higher education leader,” added Dr. Bond.

A world-class Doctorate and Master’s degrees curated for educators

The academic programs at Acacia University cover various areas of education, including elementary education, secondary education, special education, English as a second language, and education leadership. Each program is meticulously curated to provide educators with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their respective fields.

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership: This 60-credit program prepares educators to become critically conscious leaders with strategic thinking skills, evidence-based research application, and strategies for promoting equity and continuous organizational improvement.

Master of Arts in Elementary Education: A 36-credit program for K-8 educators, offering a dynamic combination of online learning, classroom practice, research, and assessment to produce teachers capable of making a profound impact on student learning and achievement.

Master of Arts in Secondary Education: Designed for educators in grades 7-12, this 36-credit program blends online learning, classroom practice, research, and assessment to cultivate teachers who can drive meaningful learning experiences and student success.

Master of Education in Educational Administration: Aimed at graduate-level educators already working in school settings, this 36-credit program enhances skills in school management, law, finance, and instructional supervision, empowering educators to become effective leaders.

Master of Education in English as a Second Language: This 39-credit program equips teachers with the knowledge and skills to support the achievement of students learning English as a second language. It provides online examples, strategies, and assessments to enhance instruction and facilitate language development.

Master of Education in Special Education: Designed for K-12 educators, this 36-credit program combines online learning, classroom practice, research, and assessment to empower teachers to make a significant impact on the learning and achievement of special education students.

Acacia University is committed to offering a transformative educational experience that prepares learners for future challenges. The programs provide a comprehensive blend of theory, practice, and real-world application to ensure graduates are equipped to excel in their professional journeys. As Acacia University introduces its portfolio of programs, it invites educators and learners worldwide to embark on a journey of growth and excellence.