CSR - Research and Enterprise

AU’s research and enterprise activities are closely linked, allowing the rest of the world to benefit from our cutting-edge research. Companies and other organizations can use our expertise in a variety of ways.

Transfer (KT)

Through collaboration with AU, KT schemes foster innovation and improve the effectiveness of an organization.

Contract research
and consulting

Companies can hire researchers to work on their research initiatives. They can also provide technical consultation.

in research

In collaborative research, different partners come together to pool their knowledge. Other academic institutions, as well as corporate, public, and third-sector organizations, can be partners.

Scholarships for
postgraduate students

Students may be sponsored by organizations to study or do research at the University. Companies gain the prestige and distinction of supporting a top student, and they may immediately benefit from the research or training results.

Advice on funding

The university provides funding guidance to support collaboration between businesses and institutions.