Acacia University joins as a member of International Council for Open and Distance Education

Arizona: Acacia University is proud to announce its membership with the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE). As a leading global membership organization, ICDE works towards providing accessible and quality education for all through open, flexible, and distance learning. This partnership aligns with Acacia’s commitment to providing innovative and effective instructional strategies, learning communities, and state-of-the-art technology to enhance teacher effectiveness and improve student learning through accessible, quality education.

ICDE offers a worldwide network of online educators, policymakers, and innovators that collaborate on projects and initiatives, sharing best practices and industry knowledge. As a member of ICDE, Acacia University will have access to this network, along with the opportunity to contribute to reports, surveys, and articles on emerging topics in the field of open, flexible, and distance learning. Acacia will also be able to participate in ICDE’s conferences, summits, and events, facilitating intercultural cooperation.

Acacia University is committed to redefining education and helping learners realize their full potential through innovative forms of online learning. With this partnership, Acacia will continue to strive towards delivering high-quality educational programs that are accessible, affordable, and flexible for learners seeking to advance their education and career opportunities.