You CAN Succeed!

We will help you succeed. Instructors and staff at Acacia take a personal interest in your success from the time you apply to completion of your degree. Through personalized mentoring, competency-based fieldwork, and relevant course work, you will have continuous support and opportunities for growth.

We provide you the resources to earn your master’s or doctorate degrees while balancing priorities of your day-to-day life.

Effective training

Acacia University offers high quality educational programs with the convenience and flexibility of online delivery. Acacia University has been an innovator since its inception. We combine competency-based fieldwork and online education to provide customized training that makes a difference.

Student Focused Support

Instructors in all classes take a personal interest in your work and success. Our program advisors are experts in your specialties and will guide you throughout your program. Through virtual learning communities, collegiality and collaboration are enhanced. Virtual conferences with instructors are conducted in each course to keep you on track.

Technical support and online messaging are available 24/7. Courses and forums are available 24/7. We will do all we can to help you understand, learn, apply, and succeed in each course.

Be a teacher/leader who inspires life-long learning.