Others Say

Being an Acacia Doctoral candidate has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  This has manifested through its professors and curriculum, resulting in meaningful learning, which I can most immediately use in my professional setting.  The assignments have become my library of tools.  Beyond the practicality of its courses, Acacia University has not just challenged my intellect but also my abilities to lead and serve.  More importantly, Acacia has had me deeply reflect on what leadership and service mean as unique to me.  This continuous reflection is my resource for meaningful decision-making.  This cogency has carried over to a profound change when working on my assignments.  I no longer feel they are requirements.  Rather, they are a part of my “me” time in growing myself as a person and servant-leader.  As such, Acacia has become more than just about graduating, but deeply appreciating the views in the journey.  It has been such a meaningful pilgrimage that I am in no rush to end it.  The relevance that Acacia is a school for teachers and by teachers is not just a motto, but a true experience. 

Nelia Grace F. Mercado

Acacia University Doctoral Candidate Since Fall 2021

My name is Neveen Ibrahim and I am currently in the final phases of my Acacia doctoral journey. I am pursuing this degree in Educational Leadership. As a doctoral student at Acacia, I had the honor of working with esteemed professors, mentors and advisors, from whom I learned key themes in being an effective educational leader. As a former elementary school principal for 15 years, the content covered throughout Acacia courses tapped directly into needed and vital information to ensure the conduction of productive and healthy learning classes and environments. Courses focusing on key topics such as curriculum, assessment, instructional strategies, and continuous improvement, as well as many more were extremely useful and applicable as a school leader, where development and growth were at the top of my list of priorities for both student and teacher learning. Another important aspect of Acacia was its diverse community. This allowed for a wide variety of perspectives, as well as viewpoints to be relayed and presented, thus leading to added information for learning. On a more personal basis, taking on this degree allowed for my passion for education and learning to further blossom and for my desired focus on professional development of educators to be made a reality, all in the name of education and our future learners and educators. 

Neveen Ibrahim

I am honored to share my journey at Acacia University, a place that has not only provided me with a solid foundation for my Masters course but has also become the catalyst for my pursuit of an Educational Doctoral degree.
My time at Acacia University has been nothing short of transformative. The academic rigor and innovative curriculum of the Masters program equipped me with a deep understanding of
Educational Leadership and enhanced my critical thinking skills. The dedicated faculty, with their wealth of knowledge and unwavering support, played a pivotal role in shaping my academic and professional identity.
What sets Acacia University apart is its commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive online learning environment. The collaborative atmosphere allowed me to engage in meaningful discussions with peers from diverse backgrounds, enriching my perspective and broadening my horizons. The university's emphasis on practical application of theoretical concepts provided me with real-world skills that I could immediately apply in my professional endeavors.
As I progress toward completing my Educational Doctoral degree, I am continually impressed by the dedication of the faculty and the institution's unwavering commitment to academic excellence. The comprehensive support system, including research resources, mentorship programs, and collaborative research opportunities, has been instrumental in my academic growth and success.
Acacia University has not only been my academic home but has also become a community where I have forged lasting connections and friendships. The encouragement to explore my passions and the encouragement to push boundaries has been instrumental in my personal and academic development.
Lastly, my experience at Acacia University has been an enriching and transformative journey. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities, mentorship, and education that have laid the foundation for my career and fueled my passion for lifelong learning. Acacia University truly stands as a beacon of academic excellence, and I am proud to be a part of this esteemed institution.

Roneil Omadat

My name is Nisreen Ibrahim and currently in my 12th and final course in the Master’s program at Acacia. I am pursuing this degree in the specified major, Master of Arts in Elementary Education. As a student at Acacia, I truly had a great and advantageous experience throughout my prior courses and continue to do so. Throughout them all I have learned a lot and certainly have been applying this knowledge whenever applicable. Each course that was provided added to my awareness of the concepts that were addressed as well as acquiring competencies in areas that were a bit elusive. 

From each course’s readings and assignments to the diverse population in the virtual learning communities, all were valuable means that contributed to my overall learning experience. Each VLC transferred distinct insights on a vast variety of topics that supported the enhancement of my practices inside the classroom. On a final note, I am proud to say that years of teaching experience along with my studies in the Master’s program is what paved the way for my newly appointed position as an Elementary School Principal. A large portion of my qualifications is owed to this degree that I will soon become a holder of allowing me to take on such a worthy title. Anticipating the remainder of this learning journey and am very pleased that I have taken this step in what has led to continued success in my career path. 

Nisreen Ibrahim

Master of Arts in Elementary Education