Topics chosen by your peers for upcoming seminars

Dear Educators,

For those of you who attended the discussion sessions these past three days, thank you for expressing your concerns and questions. Below is a list of questions we heard today:

Question: What are ways for students to upload art for grading/viewing?
Question: How to help students become less resistant to online learning?
Question: What digital tools and learning management system can help?
Question: How can we design courses online with MOOCs?
Question: How can we use “reverse-learning” or “flip-classroom” effectively online?
Question: How can we help students and teachers complete what they start?
Question: How can we engage students more and best ways for student interaction?
Question: How to use Google Classroom to get kids working together, submitting work, etc.?
Question: How do we get teachers more comfortable using digital learning?
Question: How can we help other teachers learn about and use the PLC model?
Question: Can technology reach students who are younger ELL children?
Question: How can universities help teachers?
Question: How can administrators help teachers?

These and all other questions will be addressed in our topical seminars beginning on Sunday, March 29. Acacia University has been using interactive distance education for the past 12 years and have learned how to engage, motivate, build skills, assess, and collaborate in innovative ways. Our professors and graduate students are ready to help you do the same with your students.

Register Saturday for sessions as we begin to address the questions you asked.

Let us hear from you on the Acacia Facebook page if you have a question or comment about any of our sessions. Hope to see you soon!

Marilynn Henley and the Acacia Professor Learning Community

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