Acacia University Degrees and Programs

Advance your career in Education.

Make a difference in the lives of others.

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Our students build a strong foundation through challenging coursework, ongoing academic support, and real life implementation of strategies. Our faculty is composed of highly qualified, dedicated instructors. Faculty and staff work together to help our students succeed and inspire them to a high standard of excellence in education. You can pursue your education in a flexible format tailored to your needs.

Acacia is exclusively for educators and we do not have any other career focus. This program is designed BY EDUCATORS FOR EDUCATORS. Is it time to get serious about your career? Choose a graduate program dedicated to only educators.

Masters Degree Programs

Already a teacher? Imagine reaching the next level of your profession. You’ve worked to mold the futures of your students for years. Isn’t it time you thought about your own future? A master’s degree often means an increased salary (an average of $10,000 more per year), job security, and retirement benefits. You’ll also notice an immediate improvement in your teaching skills. You will become more effective in order to maximize the learning and achievement of your students.

Doctoral Degree Programs

The Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership is a 60-credit program designed for graduate level educators who are presently teachers or administrators in a school setting or have regular weekly access to a school and classrooms. The Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership will provide opportunities for educators to learn and develop skills and strategies in the areas of school management, education law, education finance, and instructional supervision to be an effective leader.

Non-Degreed Studies Programs

Many learners enter studies not intending to obtain a new degree, but rather to enhance personal and professional knowledge. You may want to advance in your present career, acquire the background to make a career change, or make up academic deficiencies before entering a degree program. Other learners may need to earn professional development credits for satisfying district or state requirements.

What Our Graduates Say

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Each day of my busy school days, I could not be more thankful that I was part of that program, since I have made use of all that I have learned in establishing


The best award is the respect and the knowledge that I share with my students in my classes and the smiles of satisfaction on their faces when they leave my classroom.


The courses have guided me to alter my techniques and develop my teaching skills. I implement the strategies and develop plans that engage students in the learning process; I have witnessed dramatic progress in students' personal and academic levels.


My experience with Acacia University has been outstanding. Acacia provided practical courses, professional professors, and the opportunity to connect with students from around the world in positive online learning environments.