Aligned with the strategic objective of the university to make education accessible to aspiring learners across the continents, AU is actively involved in establishing long term partnerships with industry leaders, international educational institutions, and multinational entities.

AU believes partnerships provide a talent pipeline for industry and create career opportunities for students that can include internships, fellowships, co-ops, and full-time roles.

International hubs
By partnering with reputed international educational institutions,
AU grants students an excellent choice of study environments. Such
partnerships also:

Leverage institutional
strengths by forming
strategic alliances

Include essential, current
learning outcomes in the
student's experience

Broaden the academic

Form more powerful
research groups

Enlist the use of internal
intellectual resources

Institutional partnerships
To facilitate dialogue and opportunity between academia, industry and organizational players, AU has secured partnerships and affiliations with leading institutions.
  • Student exchange programs, which promote exchange of ideas, enhance cultural understanding and appreciation, and provide an international learning experience for eligible students.
  • Verifiable work experience as a teacher or administrator in an educational setting
  • Original transcripts from undergraduate degrees from accredited universities
Corporate partnerships

AU contributes to the growth of its external environment by forging mutually beneficial and long-term strategic alliances with corporate partnerships.

These include agreements through which AU provides workshops, training, research, and consulting expertise to corporate entities.

Strategic Partnerships & Initiatives

In addition to becoming the jewel in the crown of Westford’s extensive network of centers in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, AU is rapidly establishing long term partnerships with some of the best universities in East and South Asia. These partnerships bring great benefits not only to AU itself, but because of its role as Westford’s own university in the USA, to the whole of the Group. MoUs have already been signed with six leading universities in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and India. Rangsit University Thailand, North Chiangmai University North of Thailand, Asia Pacific University Malaysia, Atma Jaya Catholic University, Manipal GlobalNxt University and RNB Global University Rajasthan, India are the universities partnered with AU.

These partners offer channels into the world’s biggest education markets together with local knowledge and understanding of the regulatory environment. Furthermore, they open up possibilities for dual and parallel programs through credit transfer, student exchange experiences, access to well qualified faculty, and opportunities for joint seminars, conferences, webinars, and regional marketing.

David Gleave

Vice-Provost International,
Acacia University

The status of Acacia University is raised through association with well-known and highly respected foreign institutions. Currently, discussions are on with some of the best universities in India and Pakistan, including: Chandigarh University; Lovely Professional University, Punjab; Riphah International University, Islambad; Anjuman-e-Islam Education Group, Mumbai; IMS Ghaziabad University Campus NCR, New Delhi.

This growing network of partnerships in South Asia and the ASEAN Community countries is already building Acacia University’s reputation as a leader in international engagement as well as laying strong foundations for long term business development in the world’s fastest growing markets.

Dr. Bahrullah Safi

Vice-President International,
Acacia University