A Superior Education at an Affordable Price

Acacia University is committed to offering very affordable tuition while maintaining a high quality academic experience. Acacia University’s programs can fit your needs and your budget.


Master's $225 per credit
Doctoral $330 per credit
The total cost for a 36-credit master's degree program is $8,275
($225.00 x 36 + $75.00 one-time application fee + $100 graduation fee)


Master's degree programs
Application Fee (one-time) $75
Graduation Fee $100
Official Transcript Fee $10
Late Fee (On Monthly Payments) $25
Reactivation Fee* $25
Returned Check Fee $20
Doctoral degree program
Application Fee (one-time) $75
Graduation Fee $100
International Virtual Leadership Residency $700
One-Day Virtual Residency (four required sessions) $125 per session
Doctoral Committee** $2,250
Dissertation Publishing (electronic publishing)*** $150
Official Transcript Fee $10
Late Fee (On Monthly Payments) $25
Reactivation Fee* $25
Returned Check Fee $20
Comprehensive Exam Extension**** $150

*Returning after a 12-month or more absence
**The Doctoral Committee Fee is due in three installments of $750. The first is due prior to EDA605D Comprehensive Exam, the second prior to EDA719D Action Research Proposal, and the third prior to EDA720D Action Research Dissertation
***For a printed and bound copy of the dissertation, there is an additional fee of $40.00 per copy
****If the Comprehensive Exam is not completed and passed in the term in which the student initially enrolled and must re-enroll in a subsequent term, the Comprehensive Exam Extension Fee will be charged

Most Acacia courses require no textbook. For those courses that do require a textbook, it is the responsibility of the student to purchase or rent the textbook prior to the start of the course. Acacia does not sell or lease textbooks. Students may purchase or rent in any format (hardback, e-textbook, new, used, etc.) but must use the assigned edition. Prices at the time of the current student handbook publication are listed here, but are subject to change. Prices listed are from the publisher, however, students may purchase from any source.

The extensive online research library, student records system, and mentoring are provided at no additional charge to all students. Online classes and technical support are available 24/7.

Research and Competency-Based Programs
Best practices and the most current educational research are embedded into each course. Fieldwork, observations, case studies, interviews, etc. are conducted in most of the courses. In many classes you will learn while you work and demonstrate skills on the job.

Be an Educator who inspires life-long learning.