We Ignite your Passion

Acacia University seeks educators who strive to learn, grow, and make a difference in education. Our dream is to have a world filled with passionate educators.

Do you remember the teachers who made a difference in your life? At Acacia, we believe that all educators have the capacity to make a difference in education, whether through teaching or leading.

Through our learning community based courses, students learn with other educators all over the world. These virtual learning communities increase student engagement; increase the depth of learning through discussion of coursework, sharing ideas, and peer review; and provide an atmosphere where students inspire each other to succeed.

The virtual learning community experience will enhance and improve your online educational experience. In fact, some Acacia graduates have reported that they felt more connected to other students in their courses than they did in traditional on-campus classes they’ve taken in the past.

Join Acacia University for a unique learning adventure.