Current and Former Students

Acacia University offered an affordable, flexible program that offered practicum courses to utilize the research-based strategies in the classroom. Each course opened up a chance for more creativity to design activities that connected disciplines through a central theme. Students developed intrinsic motivation not present when they had to complete the usual workbook assignments. The cumulative project in which we designed and implemented action research in our classrooms was the catalyst I believe will drive the education system to recognize the need for change in the classroom. The instructors guided and supported our efforts to be creative, original, and persistent with their thoughtful and positive feedback.

I have always believed that anything can be accomplished with the right tools. To be an effective teacher I needed the tools offered by Acacia University to satisfy my need for a research-based foundation to become an effective teacher. I had the passion for teaching but not the specific knowledge of pedagogical processes as well how to effectively utilize research-based group strategies in the classroom. The one statement I think back to every day is that learning is social. The Acacia program included social interaction between each of the learners to analyze and celebrate our work each week. This interaction helped us to understand the need to provide this same environment for our students because we understand that learning is social. This program was the most challenging yet the most rewarding experience I have ever known. I would recommend it highly to teachers anywhere in the world.

Jean Omar
Master of Arts in Elementary Education, 2016

My name is Michael Johnson and I am currently working on my Master’s in Educational Administration at Acacia University. I have a B.A. in Secondary Education from Arizona State University. In my twelve years as an educator, I have had the opportunity to teach seventh through twelfth grade students, at an elementary and high school. I have taught history, US government, science, and reading, while I currently teach criminal justice and law enforcement. For the last five years I have served on my school’s leadership team and as department chair in our Professional Learning Community.

As a teacher, coach, and father of a one and three year old, choosing a master’s program to fit my needs was very difficult. Acacia provides flexibility for me to work during a time that is convenient for my schedule, but provides rigor that enhances my educational pursuit to become an administrator, student-centered application in my class, and in a leadership role on my campus. Acacia’s program provides structure that focuses on objectives each week and maximizes the opportunity to learn through the guidance of the instructors and collaboration with other learners. While Acacia provides the flexibility and challenge that I desire, the cost of the program is a fraction of other schools. The $225 per credit hour allows me to further my education, earn more money in the process, and not take on massive amounts of debt.

Mike Johnson
Master of Education in Educational Administration, 2017

I first heard about Acacia University from a friend of mine who completed her Master of Arts in Elementary Education while teaching overseas. I had just entered my first year as a teacher and soon realized how much I enjoyed teaching yet lacked foundational pedagogical knowledge. As a wife and mother of two children, I knew I needed to find a program that was flexible and affordable and at the same time would provide a hands-on approach to learning that could immediately be applied in my classroom. My first semester with Acacia proved all of these factors to be true. I am grateful for the professional development Acacia has provided, the access to cutting edge, research-supported methodology, and the variety of teachers with a wealth of experience with whom to collaborate. It is an honor to be a part of this learning community!

Krista Wolfe
Master of Arts in Elementary Education, 2017

I am the Headmistress for Nefertari British Primary School. Joining Acacia University has helped me develop as a teacher and an administrator. I have gained a lot of experience from the courses provided and the virtual learning community which allows teachers worldwide to share expertise. Being among these motivated learners and exceptional instructors has taught me how to mentor my staff to bring out their very best. My appreciation for Acacia is shared by many other teachers who chose to take part in this lifelong learning journey. Great educators need to create a safe, happy, and motivating learning environment. Acacia can help you achieve that!

Ghada Kamel
Master of Education in English as a Second Language, 2017

"A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart". I believe this quote can sum up the mission of Acacia. I've been enrolled in the master's degree program since 2013 and it is evident that this program is more than an accredited program that fits with teachers' budgets and busy schedules. It is more than a deep interpretation of American education standards and how they serve the demands of 21st century. It is even more that efficiency and abundance of online resources and highly qualified instructors. It is a sincere belief in the power of education and a realistic implementation of this principle through providing teachers/learners with brilliant insights, applicable tools, and updated strategies to involve, motivate, praise, guide, and inspire their students and shape their minds.

Laila El Khateeb
Master of Education in English as a Second Language, 2017

My name is Olga Umarova. I have been a graduate learner at Acacia University for the last two years. I hold B.A. in Public Relations from Penza State University. After my graduation, I discovered a great interest in education. I have explored and applied the new effective approach to teaching mathematics. I was a tutor and mentor in the Mathematical Center for Gifted Students. I taught lessons in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus classes. My teaching experiences have sharpened my desire to develop mathematical and pedagogical knowledge so I’m happy to be in the master’s program at Acacia University.

Graduate research had a crucial role in my evolution as a mathematician and teacher. The master’s program has helped me form a solid and ideological foundation that allows me to teach more clearly and effectively than before. Acacia courses have introduced me to effective strategies that educators can implement during instruction. New teaching techniques encourage my students to reach their learning goals and improve academic performance. The master’s program at Acacia University is a great opportunity for all educators to increase their level of knowledge and achieve their professional goals.

Olga Umarova
Master of Arts in Secondary Education, 2017