PLC Monthly Subscription

$450.00 / month for 12 months

This is the PLC series monthly subscription. You will be automatically billed every month. Please purchase one subscription for each group of 12 Educators. Purchasing this subscription allows access to the first two courses in this series, which are Instructional Organizers (PLC) and Classroom Management (PLC).

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The steps to subscribe are the following:

  • The principal invites as many as 12 educators to participate in the Professional Learning Community (amongst those who are invited, one Professional Learning Community Leader and Assistant Leader are appointed)
  • The principal purchases the correct number of subscriptions above. One for each group of 12 Educators. *NOTE: If the LCL is pursuing the certificate as well as acting as LCL, he/she must be counted as one of the 12 Educators.
  • Download the PLC Enrollment Form. Fill out the form and email it to
  • The first two courses will be opened and the school will determine the start date of each class


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