Dear Educators,

For nine weeks during March, April, and May, Acacia University provided more than 100 opportunities for educators to attend free presentations and sessions addressing needs of teachers during the implementation of online learning. Although these free sessions have ended, our Acacia YouTube channel has several free videos we are sharing to support your teaching/learning and to help you continue to adapt to the Covid19 pandemic educational needs.

Acacia University is a different type of learning environment featuring extensive collaboration in professional virtual learning communities.  Our students extend their skills, reignite their excitement and enthusiasm for education, and build their capacities for new educational positions. Our professors and learning coaches are specifically trained and skilled to mentor and guide you as you stretch your thinking, build understanding, and enhance your professional practice.

Whether you are in a master’s or doctoral program or would like to continue your professional growth in one of our professional development courses or certificate programs, you will find our courses energizing and helpful to you no matter what type of educational position you have.  We partner with Cognia, Inc. to provide the International Teaching Certification program and are pleased to provide services globally. Since education is all we do, Acacia works hard to do it better than anyone else!

We look forward to seeing you in class soon!  All application information is online and classes start five times per year.  Life-long learning is the mission of Acacia University.  Join now to envision the possibilities for your career.


Marilynn D. Henley, Ph.D.
Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Services

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