Professional Development Through Professional Learning Communities

Professional Development for the AdvancED/Acacia International Teaching Certificate

All of Acacia University professional development opportunities support AdvancED, NWAC, and SACS CASI school improvement standards and actions that align with current research and best practices promoted by ASCD.

Acacia University is excited to present a new professional development program for international schools. The cost is $99.00 per teacher for each of the eight Professional Learning Communities Courses. The Acacia professional development program is an opportunity for international schools to provide ongoing professional development to educators working in their school to earn the AdvancED/Acacia International Teaching Certificate. In support of AdvancED’s standard to provide ongoing professional development and continuous school improvement, this opportunity is open to all schools involved in school improvement and/or accreditation. The certificate is only recognized by international schools accredited by AdvancED.

Professional Learning Communities (PLC) are provided in a hybrid format - a combination of online and onsite activities supported by Acacia University professional educators.

Through a series of eight (three-credit) courses, teachers work toward the AdvancED/Acacia University International Teaching Certification. Subscribing schools will appoint a Professional Learning Community Leader to lead a team of as few as 3 teachers through the courses. Each course focuses on research-based strategies aligned with ASCD current research and contains fieldwork and training through onsite discussions and application, taught in a way that makes classroom implementation easy and effective. The program focuses on active student learning and achievement.

When four PLC courses have been successfully completed, the subscribing school will earn a Certificate of Support for Professional Learning Communities. After the PLC successfully completes of all required courses, each participant will earn their AdvancED/Acacia University International Teaching Certificate and the school will be presented with an Acacia University certificate for supporting ongoing professional development through PLC.

Eight Professional Development courses result in a total of 24 professional development credits. Courses include:

  • Four courses in effective teaching strategies aligned with ASCD research practices
    • Instructional Organizers
    • Progress Monitoring
    • Active Learning Strategies
    • Critical Thinking Strategies
  • Classroom Management
  • Developmental Strategies
  • Differentiated Learning Strategies
  • Curriculum and Standards

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