Master’s Degree Programs

Already a teacher? Imagine reaching the next level of your profession. You’ve worked to mold the futures of your students for years. Isn’t it time you thought about your own future? A master’s degree often means an increased salary (an average of $10,000 more per year), job security, and retirement benefits. You’ll also notice an immediate improvement in your teaching skills. You will become more effective in order to maximize the learning and achievement of your students. Your specialized knowledge and skills will benefit you, your students, and the school districts in which you teach.

These programs are based on real world teaching techniques strengthened by classroom practice and a collaborative virtual learning community.
Acacia University offers:

Master of Arts in Elementary Education

Master of Arts in Secondary Education

Master of Education in English as a Second Language

Master of Education in Special Education

Master of Education in Educational Administration

Upon completion of your master’s degree, Acacia University cannot guarantee licensure, endorsement, certification, authorization, other professional credential or salary advancement. State regulations and professional credential standards vary. It is the learners' responsibility to understand and comply with the requirements for their state and professional associations. Every state has different licensing requirements. The best starting place is the state Board or Department of Education website. All information on the website should be reviewed, including the application for licensure, but the state statutes, regulations or rules are what outline the license requirements. Since individual state certification or endorsement requirements may change at any time, it is important to frequently compare your state’s certification requirements with Acacia’s degree program prior to beginning and during the program.

Click here to download the Catalog and Student Handbook with detailed descriptions of each course in the program.

Who Should Enroll

The master's degree programs at Acacia University are designed for certified teachers who want to acquire advanced expertise in education. Gain the skills to provide your students with the best learning foundation possible.

Transfer Credits

Acacia University recognizes the prior learning of admitted students by awarding credit for courses at the graduate level, completed at an accredited institution, and documented through official transcript when the credit is applicable to the student’s degree program at Acacia University. As many as twelve (12) credits may be transferred.

If an applicant has earned a degree at another university, credits from that degree cannot be transferred or used for an additional degree at Acacia University.

The acceptance of transfer credits between institutions lies within the discretion of the receiving college or university. Credits earned at other institutions may or may not be accepted by Acacia University. Likewise, credits earned at Acacia University may or may not be accepted by another institution depending upon its own programs, policies, and regulations. Students planning to complete credits for a graduate degree in another college, university, or graduate school are advised to contact the Admissions Office of such institution in advance of applying.


All master's level courses are $225 per credit


The cost for a single 3-credit graduate level course is $675.00
($225.00 x 3)

The total cost for a 36-credit master's degree program is $8,275
($225.00 x 36 + $75.00 one-time application fee + $100 graduation fee)


Application Fee (one-time) $75
Graduation Fee $100
Official Transcript Fee $10
Late Fee (On Monthly Payments) $25
Reactivation Fee* $25
Returned Check Fee $20

*Returning after 12-month or more absence

Payment Policies

Tuition and fees are payable at the time of registration for each course. Students will not receive Official Grade Reports, transcripts, or be awarded a degree until all financial obligations have been met. Students who have outstanding financial obligations to Acacia University will not be permitted to register for future courses unless special arrangements have been approved through the Finance Office.

Students may pay by check, money order, wire transfer, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). International students must pay with U.S. currency. Students whose employers will be invoiced for tuition shall submit a billing authorization form prior to the second week of class in lieu of course payment.

Military tuition assistance (TA) students may be eligible for a deferral of tuition once their DA 2171 Form has been completed, authorized, and received by Acacia University.

Next Steps

To learn more about admissions requirements and to start the admission process, click here. If you have explored the website and have other questions, visit the Handbooks and Policies page to download the Catalog and Student Handbook with detailed descriptions of each course in the program, or simply click on the "Contact Us" link on every page.

We look forward to you joining Acacia University.