March 31st Blog

Dear Educators,

As we face this enormous challenge of the unknown, it truly is like living in a sci-fi dream. All of us at Acacia are aware that there may be more important things to think about than teaching or learning or building our skills, but we recognize that the more “normal” we behave and follow our routines and processes, the safer and less stress we feel. We are here to help you on this journey as you struggle to calm and teach and talk with your classroom students. Helping them through their own fears and stresses can make a difference in their outlook. Having the skills and tools to implement distance education is important and we are offering our help each day for the next two months.

Some of our graduates have offered thoughts and some strategies to use with your students. Some have mentioned the importance of having each student keep a journal or a sketch or doodle pad handy to record some of their own thoughts and reflections. Other teachers have suggested providing students daily ways for them to share with their peers on a Padlet or Google Doc. Several have suggested to have kids sing, make song, or write poems. Reading books can bring relaxation for sure. This is also a great time to remind students to be kind and be thoughtful of their family, as well as those neighbors, relatives, or friends who are worried, suffering or needy.

Thank you for the great ideas and thoughts you have shared during our online seminars this week. Our hearts and thoughts go out to each of you as you face challenges, stress, illness, worry, and possible losses of loved ones or friends. Together we will certainly get through this disastrous time and together will be continue to grow as life-long learners.

The Acacia University Learning Community

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