Graduate of the Year

Andrew Hasbrouck
2017 Graduate of the Year, Master of Education in Educational Administration

As an educator working in public, private, and international settings, Acacia University’s online platform provided me with a convenient way to advance my knowledge and career regardless of where I lived. The challenging coursework of the Master of Education in Educational Administration and the small and dedicated cohort pushed me to grow beyond my comfort zone. Now in my twelfth year in education, I serve as the Dean of Students and Curriculum Director at an independent school in the St. Louis, Missouri area. I am confident in my knowledge and experience to continue leading students to reach their highest potential.

Aliki Constantinou
2016 Graduate of the Year, Master of Arts in Secondary Education

My journey so far with Acacia University has been an exceptionally rewarding and life changing experience. I have been immensely inspired by the most incredible team of instructors, whose consistent care, kindness, support, encouragement, patience, extraordinarily immaculate feedback, and motivating mentorship can never be overstated. I have also met, worked with, and learned from a group of brilliant, enthusiastic, and dedicated learners from all over the world who all share one goal – making a difference! I have not only learned countless new strategies, but have also gained the tools to fine tune and improve my instruction. As I continue my journey now in the Educational Leadership Doctorate Program, I am constantly reminded of my passionate belief that we are all lifelong learners. Thank you Acacia University for this incredible honor and ongoing opportunities to develop and grow.

Julie Dinius
2015 Graduate of the Year, Master of Arts in Secondary Education

I am a proud graduate of Acacia University. It was a program designed for teachers like myself who currently teach and desired to complete a master's program at the same time. Acacia is a hands-on, practical and collaborative master’s degree program. It was both challenging and rewarding and really pushed me to the next level in my career. From this experience, I grew both personally and professionally as an educator and had an opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills in the field. It also provided an opportunity to improve in my writing, time-management, and communication skills. I learned about a multitude of effective teaching strategies to really enhance student learning. The program has supportive and experienced instructors, enriching and easy to follow lessons, and exposure to real world educational experiences. The courses in the program are relevant and based on current research based teaching strategies. You take with you a repertoire of practical and easy to implement teaching tools to use on a daily basis in your classroom. I graduated a more confident and capable teacher and continue to apply all that I learned in my classroom. I loved that I collaborated with teachers from all around the globe to get new ideas and share experiences that we go through as teachers on a daily basis all from the convenience of my classroom and home. The best part was being able to apply all my learning right in my own classroom with my students and I got to witness positive results on a weekly basis. I highly recommend this program for working teachers who are motivated and have the aspiration to advance in their profession whether they are teaching in the USA or in another country.

William Peters
2014 Graduate of the Year, Master of Education in English as a Second Language

My experience with Acacia University has been outstanding. Acacia provided practical courses, professional professors, and the opportunity to connect with students from around the world in positive online learning environments.