About the AdvancED/Acacia International Teaching Certificate

The AdvancED/Acacia International Teaching Certificate is part of the AdvancED/Acacia Professional Development program that is offered to teachers pre-K to 12th grade.  The program is for practicing teachers that may or may not hold a teaching certificate for the state or country for which they teach.  The certificate program met the Professional Development standards for school accreditation in International or private schools, but was not designed to meet the complete USA or State standards for teaching certification.   

 Originally, this certificate program was designed for International Schools that were in the process of being accredited with AdvancED.  Schools used the certificates for teachers that did not have other teacher training, and as proof of the ongoing professional development standard required by AdvancED.

The certificate is for post-bachelor degree teachers and count as Professional Development credits since all of the courses provide the basic knowledge and skills necessary for successful teaching.

Students earning the AdvancED/Acacia International Teaching Certificate are NOT equal to the Acacia University Master’s program, but a “bridge” program that will allow transfer credits is under consideration and development.

The certificate is only recognized by international schools accredited by AdvancED.