April 7, 2020

Greetings from Acacia Professors,

As we face more challenges and stresses each day though this pandemic, now is a good time to rely on those things that can bring us comfort. Psychologists suggest seeking comfort in talking with friends, checking on loved ones, sharing joyful memories with family, reading a good book, or creating something for fun to share (a poem, a picture, a new exercise routine, a game, an invention, etc.). It is also a wonderful time to structure or stick to familiar routines in your family. Decide as a family how to structure some private time, some talking together time, some work time, some study time, some fun time, one meal together time, and some exercise time. Routines help provide a sense of things holding together for both families and online classrooms.
Thanks for the great ideas some of you have suggested for families and for classroom students to help de-stress and stay away from too much screen time. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Enjoy some fun competitions with your family or classroom, such as: creating new menus using no sugar or flour; design a playground or obstacle course in your house or yard; create an art project with dried beans, pasta, or small objects; make up a game for the whole class or family to play
  • Make a scrapbook about your classroom or your family
  • Post sketches or art on Google Classroom or Padlet to share with family members or classmates
  • Play a family board game or do a puzzle
  • Create a big pot of soup or stew with each person putting in something they like to eat

Whatever you do as an educator during this stressful time, remember that the Acacia family is willing to share our skills and collective expertise in distance education with you in the areas of technology, student engagement activities, instructional strategies, and meeting differential needs of learners. Please let us know how we can help. Check out our scheduled informative sessions that are offered daily from Sunday through Friday each week. They are FREE to anyone.

Rest, eat healthy, think positively, and find at least a few minutes of fun or joy each day. We wish good health and well-being to all of you.


Professors at Acacia University

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