Customized Teaching Preparation Certificate

Program Description

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This teacher preparation program provides options for students to choose their own courses which may be needed to meet certification and/or licensing requirements in the respective home state. All courses are stackable and upon completion may be transferred to one of the master’s degree programs at Acacia University. This university is an approved institution of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA) which allows the university to provide distance learning programs and coursework to students located in states other than Arizona.

NC-SARA approval does not grant reciprocity or exemption from state professional licensing requirements. Therefore, students should review their state requirements and reciprocity agreements before selecting courses to satisfy their state certification requirements. Acacia University cannot guarantee licensure, endorsement, certification, authorization, other professional credential or salary advancement. State regulations and professional credential standards vary. It is the learners’ responsibility to understand and comply with the requirements for their state and professional associations.

Every state has different licensing requirements. The best starting place is the state Board or Department of Education website. All information on the website should be reviewed, including the application for licensure, but the state statutes, regulations, or rules are what outline the license requirements. It is important to compare license requirements with Acacia’s degree program. Review the course learning outcomes for the selected course in the Acacia University Catalog and Student Handbook 2022-2023 to determine which courses meet your state’s certification and/or licensing requirements. The following courses are available to meet certification and licensing requirements.

    Talk to an admissions counselor about your goals and transfer credits.

    *A 60-credit program designed for graduate level educators who are presently teachers or administrators in a school setting
    Program Prerequisites and Requirements
    • Eligible participants must be graduate-level teachers (instructional specialists, administrators, or any other school staff member assigned teaching duties or with access to educational facilities and programs) with current access to classrooms and a school (from grades preK-12, any content area).
    • Participants must have regular access to a computer with reliable internet connectivity.
    • The Introduction to Graduate Studies – Site Orientation must be completed prior to the start of the first course.

    3 Credit Hours

    Customized Teaching Preparation


    1. EDA509 Essential Instructional Strategies
    2. EDC540 Classroom Management
    3. EDC560 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
    4. EDC500 Power Strategies for Effective Teaching
    5. EDC510 Power Strategies for Classroom Assessment
    6. EDC520 Power Strategies for Improving Comprehension
    7. EDC572 Foundations of ESL
    8. EDC577 English Language Learners/Linguistics
    9. EDC535 Reading and Writing
    10. EDC550 Child and Adolescent Development
    11. EDC570 Special Needs Students
    12. EDC578 English Language Learners with Special Needs
    13. EDA559 Education Law
    14. EDA549 Principles of School Leadership and Management
    15. EDA589 Personnel Management and Supervision
    16. EDA569 Education Finance
    17. EDA579 Foundations of Elementary and Secondary Education
    18. EDA599 Principles of Continuous Improvement

    Who Should Enroll
    The English Language Learners Certificate program is designed for graduate level educators who are presently teachers or administrators in a school setting or have regular weekly access to a school and classrooms.
    Next Steps
    If you have explored the website and have other questions, visit the Handbooks and Policies page to download the Catalog and Student Handbook with detailed descriptions of each course in the program.
    We look forward to you joining Acacia University.

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