Introducing the Acacia University Consortium to support Professional Learning Communities

As part of the partnership between AdvancED and Acacia University, schools now have an opportunity to join a university consortium to demonstrate their use and support of professional learning communities. For just a $99 membership fee per year, any school can become a part of this educational forum and have an opportunity for their school to be featured on the Acacia University website.

This consortium membership is a commitment by the director/principal to implement at least one PLC instructional team in the school and allows each school to have as many as five staff members go through the PLC mini-course training at no charge. This is a value of $495.00 (US) and trains administrators and teachers about the two types of PLC - school level and instructional level.

Schools choosing not to participate in the consortium will pay $99 for each staff member or administrator to take the PLC leadership training course.

Benefits for participating schools

Participating schools will get mentioned on the Acacia website and also have opportunities for submitting pictures and reports from the school regarding the progress of the PLC. As soon as the first PLC earns the AdvancED/Acacia International Teaching Certificate, the school will receive a plaque award from AdvancED and Acacia University showing appreciation for the school support of the PLC.

Benefits to your school:

  • Free training for five staff members in the PLC 123 training course
  • School name on Acacia University website for participating in the consortium
  • Teacher opportunities to earn the AdvancED/Acacia International Teaching Certificate
  • Plaque for school recognition
  • Participation in future AdvancED/Acacia consortium events & conferences

To subscribe in the Acacia University Consortium to support Professional Learning Communities, click here.