Acacia University Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Educators,

The world is changing all around us. It is time for educators to stand together (while standing apart) to make the transition to online learning across the world. In response many changes, the Professors at Acacia University are dedicating ourselves to assist in this transition. 

Acacia University is a leader in accredited online teaching and learning. We have been engaged in training teams of educators and administrators in K-12 and graduate systems throughout the world for more than 12 years. As an accredited university offering both advanced degrees and professional development certification, we provide a unique integration of personalized virtual learning with coaching and development techniques that drive equitable training for online learning. 

Acacia learners and emerging educational leaders gain knowledge on how to create and integrate virtual classrooms with blended learning to equalize efficacy and impact for all students. Our experience in building learning communities online and building a culture of collaboration may provide some help to you in your online teaching. Our seasoned professors provide unique and powerful training to educators across the nation and the globe, bringing priceless opportunities to connect with others and provide leadership in your changing organizations. Acacia participates in a world-wide effort to help all educators communicate and learn, practicing social distancing while building a sense of community and belonging. 

Our commitment is to providing affordable professional development and graduate programs during times of global change. Providing extraordinary learning opportunities via distance education remains Acacia’s Mission and Purpose! Online education is the only thing we do, so we make sure it meets the highest of standards. Please join us for a series of free discussion seminars so that we can learn about how to help you. We know you are worried so help us understand what you need to learn. 

Acacia University’s response to the pandemic.

Beginning March 25, 2020, Acacia University will provide FREE services to any school or educator wishing support during the shift to online learning. Acacia is a graduate school that only offers programs for educators. Our five accredited master’s degree programs and one accredited doctoral program are offered exclusively online in a unique virtual professional learning community format. We are excited to share some of the skills we have learned and use in our program to help during your challenging transition to teaching online.

Our BLOG will be available as well as ONLINE SEMINAR DISCUSSIONS beginning now through May 31, 2020 to assist and provide support for teachers, students, parents, and administrators. Through these first discussion sessions we will develop a Question and Answer page and also develop topical seminars for each day in April and May.

Topics to be included are following:

  1. Establishing online teaching/learning rules, routines, communication, protocols, and online classroom management
  2. Providing strategies for group sharing and communication to promote collaboration 
  3. Planning equitable learning opportunities and access to instruction
  4. Differentiating instruction and assignments for all types of learners
  5. Using resources: research-based materials and resources
  6. Strategies to use data driven instruction and meet standards in online instruction 
  7. Strategies for teachers, parents, and grandparents to support children learning at home

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