Featured Instructor: Khadija Gaber

My passion for teaching is like no other. I discover a new skill/talent every other day! I miss my classes when I’m on vacation, and I am truly addicted to dynamic learning environments.

I’ve been teaching English since 2003. I enjoy teaching literary work pieces the most; besides. High school is my favorite age phase. Parallel to my early teaching years in American schools, I worked for the AMIDEAST and the AUC-American University in Cairo, in which I taught general English courses. I also joined the EDU-Egypt program that targets at training university seniors on aptitude, computer, and soft skills.

In 2013, I enrolled in a teacher’s exchange program (ILEP-International Leaders in Education Program) which granted me with outstanding learning/teaching opportunities. I taught an English AP class and was partnered with an American teacher in Albany, NY.

I currently work as an instructor with Acacia. I manage the learning and acquisition of fellow teachers from whom I equally benefit and learn. Moreover, I have worked on a couple of programs for editing and modifying course curriculum and rubrics. Those tasks have promoted my expertise and analytical abilities. I am now more confident about my teamwork skills and collaborative approaches.

An additional experience I find intriguing is my current duty in my school’s Quality Assurance Program. I hold the chairman position, leading a number of teachers and administrators into assessing the annual school performance and preparing for accreditation visits. This has given me a great opportunity to discover my leadership skills which are already fostered through my doctoral studies with Acacia. I am currently on my fourth course and have tremendously exhibited growth through the diversity of expertise I encounter and the rigorous readings and assignments I am required to complete.

My favorite teaching principle is that a classroom is a world, though customized for each new group of learners, to be strongly connected to everything outside its boundaries.

I currently live with my parents in Cairo and enjoy traveling, cooking, reading novels and watching movies.

Khadija Gaber, Instructor

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